e next moment, the front row of the Northwest First Army, which was retreating towards Fort 178, was suddenly stunned. They watched in astonishment as Ren Xiaosu charged out from the horizon. Behind the opponent, there were countless golden heroes. The torrent came on, getting closer and closer, getting closer, and then quickly passed them. The soldiers of the First Army were all stunned. Zhang Jinglin looked at someone in the heroic army and suddenly muttered: “Old commander, General Wang, they are resurrected!” Ren Xiaosu held a black knife and carried a golden torrent without a word. Going upstream from the First Army, until this moment everyone understood why he left alone. It turned out to be for the last hope. The war is already in the evening, and the golden torrent and the slanting rays of the setting sun look so spectacular. p5092 watched this scene silently, he finally realized that Ren Xiaosu did not lie to him, it turns out that this young marshal can really summon so many heroes. It turns out that this young marshal really has the ability to turn decay into a miracle, and it can really give him a miracle. My molars are gone, so I can’t go to the Bronze Bell Square, right? “P5092 said nonchalantly: “You can pull out the molars in advance and put them in your pocket. “Zhang Xiaoman said with no anger: “What kind of bad ideas are these, are you kidding me?” “P5092 gave him a calm look: “You were the one who made a joke with me first.” “Xun Yeyu in the team suddenly shouted: “No, right, I have not used the ability just now, and now I stopped to find that there are many signs of extraordinary life coming from the 178 fortress!” “How much is it?” “Da Huyou was stunned for a moment: “I know that there are some extraordinary people hiding in the 178 fortress, but there are only five or six people. “It’s not five or six people,” Xun Yeyu was so excited that he couldn’t be more excited: “It’s hundreds of thousands of extraordinary people!” “Everyone was stunned when they heard this number. Hundr

e been very strange since I entered here. How did Nuan know the secrets of all the tenants? At first I thought Xiang Nuan had the ability to perceive people’s hearts. After hearing what you said, I knew that the truth is countless times more cruel than I guessed.”

“The truth?” “You still remember. Don’t remember the TV in the toilet and the dense lines behind the TV?” “Remember.” Wen Qing had a very 西安夜桑拿论坛 bad premonition. “The landlord has been spying on the lives of the residents in the building through surveillance. He has seen the most filthy and ugly side of everyone, […]

heals, they can be killed from the refugee camp. Ren Xiaosu’s outer armor is not afraid of these ordinary soldiers at all, but there is no such thing as if.

“What shall we do now?” Wang Fugui looked at Ren Xiaosu, who had passed out of a coma again. “We can only hide here first,” Yan Liuyuan said. “Fortunately, the Yang family won’t want us.” “But we have two wounded,” Wang Fugui 西安桑拿夜网 said. “The workload of this arrangement can’t be completed.” Yan Liu Yuan […]


The silhouette of the person in the fog slowly became clear, and the other person seemed to be walking towards him. “No, I want to stay away from him.” The drunk obviously felt that the opponent’s speed was accelerating, and he didn’t dare to respond, so he turned and ran. “If he is a human,西安品茶网 […]

hock: “This clan must have invincibility, what level of invincibility? The ancient clan is invincible, and the strength will not be weak!”

Half the emperor is a respected name, and eternity is the realm. Half-emperor has strength and weakness, but not invincible. If you want to be called half-emperor, be careful to be shot to death by invincible. Entering Lingyun, unexpectedly a vision descended from the sky! This is a powerful sign! Not only is the small […]

d avenge and take back their belongings. Unfortunately, Ren Xiaosu discovered that these refugees still dare not engage in conflicts with the refugees.

Originally, Ren Xiaosu and his team consisted of five people surrounding the bonfire, but now they suddenly became six people. Chen Wudi has been babbling and eating, and it seems that he has been starving in the past two days. Ren Xiaosu suddenly asked: “I heard that the Monkey King can have seventy-two changes, and […]

fied. And Su Yu was a little unwilling to say: “Eight elders, let’s forget it. I’m afraid I can’t control it. Instead, I will add chaos to these people. It’s not the same as the white face. It’s more than enough to fail.”

Juli wants to scold someone and we didn’t despise you. , Okay, I also dislike it, but we are so strong, you still dislike us. The eighth elder smiled and said: “Xuan Jiu, you can’t be rude, if they join, they will be their own family members from now on.” Su Yu calmly said: “Then […]