ll fierce just now, and he was so aggressive that he was going to be an enemy of heaven and earth. As a result, he was weakened by others, which really changed B in a second!

Yu Luosheng was not happy. What is counseling B? This is strategy, a group of ignorant humans! The time of 2.5 seconds is fast and fast. Yu Luosheng, who has come and gone without a trace, is under the protection of the defensive tower. After this time, the whole person is hardened again! Okay, it’s […]

ake Ren Xiaosu, provided that Ren Xiaosu does not commit anything that touches Luo Lan’s interests.

This was an amulet. Although this amulet made Ren Xiaosu very toothache, he didn’t know whether Luo Lan casually ordered the people to make a pennant, or the other party deliberately urged himself. It should be that the former is more likely. For Luo Lan, he is just a refugee who buys medicine outside the […]

y the madness of “Cersei”, a hunting and childbirth with a strange life experience and terrifying ambitions. The god.

She actually wanted to rely on plundering the lives of evil species, Mayans, and other creatures to release her natural fertility power, and to give birth to a powerful and completely obedient “Protoss” to become a mother god. If she succeeds, perhaps her title will be accompanied by the word “Lord”, and she will become […]

holding cards on his face from the beginning to the end. That introverted low-key makes people very comfortable.

Also a player, the difference in mood is really not ordinary. Fu Yunqing didn’t talk much, and after greeted Qian Meng, he left. Qian Meng just glanced at him, but Ying did not respond. Fu Yunqing seemed to be used to it a long time ago, and left the supermarket with Lu Ang next to […]

s skeptical.

Then he was stunned to discover that these people who were dredging with him were all bandits. Could it be that they were all ready to take refuge in the 178 barrier, as Jin Lan suggested? “Brother Xu, what shall we do?” someone asked in a low voice. Xu Jinyuan thought for a while and […]

e picture walked out of the picture, and then merged into the shadow’s body.

The children in the entire building also laughed weirdly. They are no longer innocent children, but shadow puppets. “The children in the 西安夜桑拿网 building are the sacrifices of the fetus? How many people have you buried in the eastern suburbs?” The door behind Chen Ge changed the most. The black figure that conformed to his […]

This is the bottom of the society and can only do the most tiring and hardest work without paying wages. Later, because a certain black-haired and yellow-skinned compatriot also became a wizard, this situation changed.”

Ren Xiaosu frowned. : “Since there are compatriots among the wizards, why did they come here 17 years ago? Shouldn’t he stop all of this?” Da Huyou smiled and shook his head: “Marshal, the black-haired and yellow-skinned wizard is said to have been dead for more than forty years. During his time as a wizard, […]

ion. That lunatic is very terrifying, and it is estimated that he will come again. You are in Liwan Town, and the red raincoat is in the Minglou. You are both my friends, and friends of friends are friends. , So if you encounter danger, I hope you can take care of each other, and you can also come to Xijiao New Century Park to find me.” After dealing with Xiaobu’s side, Chen Ge began to check his employees.

When facing the shadows, all the employees in the backpacks spontaneously raised their hands. Now they are all wounded. Fortunately, except for Xu Yin, 西安夜网论坛 none of the other “people” have been “infected” by the curse. “Lao Bai, thank you so much just now.” Bai Qiulin is a gambler who knows how to return. Facing […]