have passed on this single-plank bridge, and 90% of them will be pushed into the mediocre river and drift with the flow. The remaining talents can reach the other end of the e-sports road.

On the other end, it is not about prestige or wealth, but also a more cruel competition between the strong and the strong! Only those who win until the end are eligible to log in to the LPL Hall of Honor! All contestants enter the media trials for only one purpose, which is the LPL […]

thrilling pure smile at the corner of her mouth. Above the starry sky, a vague phantom of the giant Tama appears in the fireworks. He is looking at the girl, and he is also collapsing. solution.

Tang Qi looked at the fractured and surging stream of time and space again, which originated from the curiosity of the polymath, and he wanted to peek into some of the secrets of true history. But at this moment, a mysterious “ripple” appeared in his eyes. It looked like a scene where every bubble would […]

side, they have immortality, resurrection, and common vision. Suitable for investigative ability.

If it hadn’t had a fatal problem, it would have long been vying for it by many extraordinary forces with its abilities. The three hundred red-eyed crows can collect a lot of information and gather in the beech body, but it will be “formatted” every ten years or so. After that, all the information collected […]


Then he turned around and gently pushed the squirming black maggots aside, while whispering: “Cute little things, stay away, be careful of being hurt by me.” It’s a pity that this gentle tone only lasted. one second. The next moment he suddenly changed from dialing to grasping, a large number of maggots fell into his […]

, the sun and moon eighth layer of the Ming clan is the injured son of the injured one.

Outside the ancient city. Invincible has indeed arrived. Not one, but several. The immortals, demons, dragons, and gods are invincible. The Ming and Ape tribes are not the future people. As for the Dragon and Silkworm tribe, they will not come. One family, an invincible came. Four powerful invincibles, 西安耍耍论坛 overlooking the giant city below, […]

e next moment, the front row of the Northwest First Army, which was retreating towards Fort 178, was suddenly stunned. They watched in astonishment as Ren Xiaosu charged out from the horizon. Behind the opponent, there were countless golden heroes. The torrent came on, getting closer and closer, getting closer, and then quickly passed them. The soldiers of the First Army were all stunned. Zhang Jinglin looked at someone in the heroic army and suddenly muttered: “Old commander, General Wang, they are resurrected!” Ren Xiaosu held a black knife and carried a golden torrent without a word. Going upstream from the First Army, until this moment everyone understood why he left alone. It turned out to be for the last hope. The war is already in the evening, and the golden torrent and the slanting rays of the setting sun look so spectacular. p5092 watched this scene silently, he finally realized that Ren Xiaosu did not lie to him, it turns out that this young marshal can really summon so many heroes. It turns out that this young marshal really has the ability to turn decay into a miracle, and it can really give him a miracle. My molars are gone, so I can’t go to the Bronze Bell Square, right? “P5092 said nonchalantly: “You can pull out the molars in advance and put them in your pocket. “Zhang Xiaoman said with no anger: “What kind of bad ideas are these, are you kidding me?” “P5092 gave him a calm look: “You were the one who made a joke with me first.” “Xun Yeyu in the team suddenly shouted: “No, right, I have not used the ability just now, and now I stopped to find that there are many signs of extraordinary life coming from the 178 fortress!” “How much is it?” “Da Huyou was stunned for a moment: “I know that there are some extraordinary people hiding in the 178 fortress, but there are only five or six people. “It’s not five or six people,” Xun Yeyu was so excited that he couldn’t be more excited: “It’s hundreds of thousands of extraordinary people!” “Everyone was stunned when they heard this number. Hundr

Yu use this as a pedal to prove to the whole institution of his power, his genius, and his enchantment!

Old Sun Ge set up the silence array, Yu Hong also rushed, and Old Ge Li also arrived. Zhou Mingren didn’t come. The three old patrons were silent. A cultivating student, slapped them in the face time and time again, and has been dormant for so many years, but now they are constantly fighting back. […]