on the ground and fell into a coma. , I don’t know what to do for a while.

The first thousand and thirty-nine chapters behind the scenes BOSS?
Xili controlled the orange cat to use order magic to move Lieta, who had fallen on the side of the road, back to the station of the sewing gang.
“As the incarnation of the gray mist, why is she so like Fuya?”
Carolly moved a chair and sat beside Xili, she looked at Lieta, who was in a coma on the sofa, through the perspective of the orange cat. .
Mrs. Nishizawa’s knowledge of seeing people, Carolie, still learned one or two, including looking at faces and facial expressions to determine the relationship between two people, superficial friends, 西安夜网论坛 siblings, admiration, and other complex relationships.
As for the girl lying on the sofa, Carolly could be sure that the relationship between this appearance and Fuya should be a sister relationship, or that kind of twin sister who resembled each other.
“I also want to know that Qianmian went to Demon King City to ask Fuya, but now there is no news…maybe it is not enough snacks.” Xili
controlled the orange cat to crouch in front of the sofa. She would not know what to do for a while. How to deal with this…maybe betrayal becomes the source of the gray fog of the friendly side.
If it was replaced by other gray mists, Xili might have already started to kill the opponent, but this girl named Lietta, Qiao Xiu obviously had the idea of ??adopting or instigating her.
“Her eyelashes have moved!” Lietta’s eyelashes trembled a 西安桑拿夜网 little while Carolly was observing the opponent’s appearance, and then opened her eyes.
Xili wanted to stand up and call Qiao Xiu to come over. Only under Qiao Xiu’s control was the orange cat the elder brother of the origin of the gray fog.
If it were 西安足浴spa replaced by Xili’s own control, Xili felt that she would treat this orange cat as a piece of fat girl’s meat.
The moment Xili just stood up, Lietta on the other side of the screen also turned over and stood up f