his Qian Yunyun. This reason, coupled with Zhao Zili’s identity and background, seemed to be a bit authentic. As for whether he could be blinded, it depends on luck.

However, no matter how big Jie Qiansi’s brain hole is, it is impossible to think of anything. At most, he will be surprised in the future, “How did Ren Suo happen to 西安耍耍论坛 meet Zhao Zili?”
Does Ren Suo have a handle? No.
Whether it was the fairy palace killer, the seeker, or the Ren family cultivator, Ren Suo had not had any physical contact with them – they were instead influenced by them.
Zhao Zili is the first time Ren Suo has exchanged information with a game character outside the game. But the death of Zhao Zili quickly calmed Ren Suo – what was he thinking? Doesn’t this violate his code of conduct?
He has no reason to intersect with these’game characters’. His identity and his insights made Ren Suo’s active investigation behavior very abrupt.
“I’m a little bloated.” Ren Suo thought to himself.
With the help of’player privileges’, Ren Suo encountered twists and turns in the game of “The Jedi Priest”, but overall it went smoothly, and there was no hindrance to his dissemination of’monster 西安桑拿按摩网 intelligence’ in the game, which gave Ren Suo. An inexplicable confidence: He has become more and more able to use small world game consoles.
Therefore, he wanted to investigate Zhao Zili, trying to find the connection between the small world game console and reality.
If Zhao Zili is not dead, Ren Suo will definitely go to him, try and monitor him through questioning, and observe what happens next to him, causing him to be taken over by the small world game console.
Now, Ren Suo fully understands: He used to manipulate a dead person in the game.
But the death of Zhao Zili also made Ren Suo understand that the small world game console is far more dangerous than he thought.
He uploaded a game review at noon yesterday, and then Zhao Zili died. To say that there is no connection, Ren Suo would not believe it.
So far, Ren Suo 西安足浴spa has known