relatively short, even less than a day.

By the time the robbers take action, the Fugui Maru may have already reached the high seas.
In this way, the Hong Kong Island Police does not have law enforcement 西安夜网论坛 powers.
He wants people to get rich pills back.
Just who to choose?
Zhuang Shikai has a suitable candidate in mind.
But you have to find him an identity.
Set a vest.
Otherwise, we can hide from the criminals and the customs.
What if the customs reveals ahead of time? Can’t confess him yet.
Or does the customs kill people before the operation begins? Power struggles, everything can happen, and we have to guard against it.
While Zhuang Shikai was thinking, Da Da Da, Zhou Huabiao knocked on the door in the corridor.
Zhuang Shikai put away his thoughts and turned around and said: “Please come in.”
“Zhuang Sir!” Zhou Huabiao pushed the door into the office, stood at attention and saluted, saw the scene in the office, immediately put down his hand and asked: “Zhuang Sir, is there something? A big case? You are actually planning it yourself.”
“Do you think the case that presses 西安桑拿夜网 on the Marine Police District is considered a big case?” Zhuang Shikai asked with a chuckle while holding his hands in his arms.
Huabiao’s face immediately became serious: “Of course it counts!” This action is related to the rights of the police force. Zhuang Shikai must plan it himself and go to the front to ensure the victory of the action.
However, he currently does not intend to talk to Uncle Biao more. He saw the folder in
Zhou Huabiao’s hand, and when he asked, “What’s the matter?” Zhou Huabiao thought at first that Sir Zhuang would finish Lin Kun, and he would immediately follow Ni. Kun, or Hei Chai, cut off the remaining two dealers.
Unfortunately, the sudden outbreak of “police clearance” conflict is even more important.
The two bookmakers can only temporarily shelve them.
There are still a lot anyway.
It doesn’t take too long to kill them.
Now we must first stabilize our int