in almost every city and city covered by Monet terminals. The town rang out,

but the shouts outside Lu’an could not reach the cathedral. Inside this “City of Churches”, the preparations for 西安洗浴网 the trial of heretics have come to an end.
The panicked people were once again driven to the square and gathered together under the coercion of divine arts and swords. In this world where there is extraordinary force, the endurance of the low-level civilians showed a pathetic strength at this moment. Even in this situation, they did not show any signs of rebelling against the knights or priests. They gathered around the square like a silent flock, looking submissive and fearful.
However, Amber who was in the crowd could feel that there was an uncomfortable atmosphere in this silent flock. The atmosphere was intangible and qualityless, but it was soaked in the cold and depression of the approaching storm.
This is an unusual silence-under normal circumstances, civilians gather together quietly, no matter how respectful and respectful they are, they will have uncontrollable commotion and buzzing rumblings, but it is
too quiet at the moment . , It’s too silent, being quiet and silent is like dying.
The wooden platform in the center of the square has been erected, and the ashes from the last 西安耍耍论坛 fire have been cleaned up, but there still seems to be a lingering scorching atmosphere in the square-since the establishment of Lu’an City, it has been burned to death. How many people have passed? How many people were burned here for rebelling against the church, talking about bishops, and privately storing scriptures?
For those who were burned to death, the pungent smell produced by the gradual scorching of their bodies seemed to have infiltrated the cracks of each stone brick, and today, these smells seem to seep out
the side door of the church area little by little. It opened, and the first to walk out was a group of heavily armed church soldiers, and behind the church soldiers, followed by a group of priests w