eems that this old ghost has not only harmed the people in this town of Tanxi Town.

“Protect the law for me, I will use the thunder method!”
Jiang Hao knew that other spells would not 西安桑拿夜网 work for the ghost king, so he was ready to use the big move. Zhiqiu Yiye, Zhu Guang, and Litchi surrounded Jiang Hao in the middle, Zhiqiu A leaf flashed a magic sword, Zhu Guang held a pig-killing knife, and the red nails of lychee stretched out, ready to scratch them.
Thousands of evil spirits rushed over, surrounded the three of them and began to attack frantically. The three of them tried their best to support. Jiang Hao was in the middle, stepping on his foot and chanting a spell, brandishing a green steel long sword in his hand, and hurriedly beckoning the gods to impede the thunder.
But when Jiang Hao took two steps, he felt a huge sense of crisis. He swung the green steel long sword fiercely, but saw a ghost claw appear in front of him, grabbing on his long sword. .
“Kacha!” With a
slight force, the ghost claws of Netherworld were caught and shattered. Jiang Hao suddenly slapped a palm of five thunders on the ghost claws, and the ghost claws disappeared in a pop of white smoke.
“Hahahaha, you exorcist, you don’t even have a decent magic sword. It’s 西安足浴spa ridiculous.” The ghost king laughed in the distance.
“Brother Jiang, use my magic sword!”
Zhiqiu Yiye wanted to throw the magic sword over, but there were countless ghosts around him, and he was under great pressure, and he didn’t even have the skill to throw the sword.
“Without a magic sword, I will still recruit thunder!” Jiang Hao said.
Step on the foot step again, pinch the right hand into the finger of the sword to refer to the sword, and chant the incantation to rush the gods and imperial thunder.
But at this moment, a few giant ghost claws appeared at Jiang Hao’s feet, and they grabbed Jiang Hao’s thigh. If Jiang Hao didn’t hide, he would definitely be caught, and he would definitely be injured at that time. Jiang Hao could only do