jections of the starry sky and images of animal, plant and minerals in the tower. Could it be related to the ancient super civilization that left the surveillance satellites?!

If the secret voyage that Gawain Cecil made was really to find the Eternal Dark Sea and the huge tower, then those crystals were the things the opponent brought out of the huge tower?
Countless pieces of information seemed to be connected together at this moment, and the cause and effect of the incident seemed to show some eyebrows. However, when Gao Wen explored and analyzed it carefully, he found that he still couldn’t find any results from the analysis.
The intelligence is too messy and fragmented, and there are many inexplicable legends, strange stories, and speculations in the middle. There are too many uncertain things, and it is not enough for him to completely 西安耍耍论坛 piece together the truth of the year!
At this moment, Gawain even had an uncontrollable urge to build a big ship and go directly to the northern border of the kingdom to explore the sea, to find the forever shrouded in the night (or it may be in a long period of time at a certain time). Time’s extreme daylight state), go to see what the legendary giant tower is!
This impulse was stirring in his chest, he had to take a deep breath, silently thinking about the territory’s current resource reserves, scientific and technological foundation, industrial production capacity, and the remaining gold and silver in the treasure house in the mountains, passing these things one by one. After that, his impulse completely disappeared, and
“Ancestor, are you okay?” Heidi looked at Gawain with concern, and the emotional change on the latter’s face 西安耍耍网 made her worried about whether the ancestors would have it. It’s possible to die again (and depending on the circumstances, this death is still very unsettling), but fortunately, Gao Wen recovered in time and waved to her: “Don’t worry, it’s okay.”
“Are you interested in the Eternal Dark Sea?” Pittman said, and then frowned,