ple’s emotional personality depends on the environment. And constantly changing.

However, this time he did no good and it was a foregone conclusion, so he had to change the subject: “Then you learned the magic of the old grandson?”
However, if someone has a’pure personality’ 西安洗浴网 and that personality happens to be the more negative part, then he may not be able to receive the aura feedback brought by the positive personality by watching the battle.”
Ren Suo twitched: “Too, too ridiculous?! I’m not that lazy!”
Ren Suo understood. Before, he saw that the game characters fight with despair, violence, fear, and arrogance can increase their cultivation level because he has the negative side of these emotions and spirits. : Hope, goodwill, courage and resistance.
Now he sees the seekers beat the giant fish but get nothing, because he doesn’t have the spiritual factor of hard work! ?
Seeker: “Then did you feel that you were being attacked by laziness just now?”
Ren Suo: “No.”
Seeker: “That’s right, only flame can be immune to flame, and only ice is not afraid of ice.”
Ren Suo: “No. ” Suo Sixu turned a 西安桑拿按摩网 corner, and realized that the seeker said that he was completely lazy.
Ren Suo: “I usually practice diligently. How could I be so lazy!?” The
seeker said, “It may not be impossible. “It’s just that it may be less.”
Ren Suo: “But I don’t feel it at all!”
Seeker: “I’m busy here, I’ll talk later.”
Ren Suo: “We are telematics, and you are hanging right now. It’s easy to hit that fathead fish. When I didn’t see it?”
Ren Suo looked depressed. He was just a little lazier than a normal person. He didn’t practice if he had a good technique, and he didn’t exercise if he had a good spell. He usually did. Is it enough to delay work or hand it over to female students?
Seeker: “You can only master the fur. Mr. Sun’s spells have a great relationship with his body. In a short time, I can’t reach his level.”
The secret technique of devouring the spirit of the world naturally resona