en Xingmei, you have to help her ask for leave from the college.”

Qiao Muyi glanced at Li Dan, and didn’t know if she heard Li Dan’s overtones. Anyway, she continued: “You guys Let’s see what else is missing. Dong Chengling and Ren Suo did not take any transportation and directly teleported to Tianlian Academy, so we only need to 西安耍耍论坛 make a confession and unanimously indicate that they are working with us. , It should be able to confuse the past, and no one will know that they were attacked in the academy.”
Yu Kuangtu hesitated, or asked: “A war of planes is about to break out now, do we really need to entangle these little things? ”
Yu Kuangtu actually understands why Qiao Muyi did this. He also vaguely knew that Ren Suo and Dong Chengling might have used some shameless hole cards when they were fighting against enemies in the alien world. That’s why Qiao Muyi eagerly helped them. Two destroy evidence.
Yu Kuangtu trusts the qualities of Ren Suo and Dong Chengling, and he also knows that the awakened will have secrets that are unwilling to reveal.
Because even if the awakened person has a good record of good character, but if the awakening spell of the 西安洗浴网 awakened person is too against the sky, he will still be tightly protected by the state, and even the state will send the house for careful placement-indeed there are some mixed eating and death awakenings People are willing to accept this protection, but there are certainly many people who would rather stay anonymous.
It’s just that now there has been a major change that has never been encountered in human history: the invasion of alien planes.
At this time, is it necessary for Qiao Muyi to work so hard to conceal their hole cards?
And where did Ren Suo and Dong Chengling escape? It is necessary for Qiao Muyi to collude with them to create the illusion that Ren Suo and Dong Chengling did not leave?
But Qiao Muyi shook his head and said, “Planar wars will not break out, and this incident is not a trivial matter.”
Almost subconsciously