The other relatives of the family were panic-faced, standing by the side in fear, so as to

endorse a hundred-day banquet. The police said that if you disturb it, it will disturb you, and your happy events will turn into bad things.
This is the end of being a criminal! Never want to enjoy the same dignity as good citizens!
So you have to make money upright, otherwise you will not be happy with your spending! Because the police force that protects the people is a sharp sword 西安洗浴网 against criminals!
“Puff!” After Zhuang Shikai left the hotel, Wang Bao spit out a mouthful of blood and sat down on a chair by the table.
“Brother Bao! Lord Bao!” The crowd in the hotel exclaimed.
The child in Wang Bao’s arms cried out in shock.
Wang Bao clenched his fists, his eyes full of insidiousness.
Seven Stars!
More killing intent!
Mong Kok.
night market.
Zhuang Shikai set up a barbecue booth, and dozens of police officers were sitting at seven or eight round tables, drinking herbal tea and chatting.
“Damn it.”
“Wang Bao is really arrogant.”
“What does he say at 12 o’clock?”
“Sir Zhuang didn’t beat him!” The
conversation among the police officers revolved around what had just happened.
The stranded personnel who were taken away were thrown to a few police officers and brought back to the police 西安夜桑拿论坛 station to be resolved easily, and just follow the process.
Then everyone came to eat supper.
Sir Zhuang has always done what he said, saying that he would invite the guys to supper. Of course, he must arrange the supper. There is one and no one can run!
Does Lord Zhuang look like someone who lacks a few supper money? What’s more, it was a blessing for the brothers to go with him.
No matter what, I have to be rewarded.

Everyone, Sir.”
“Twenty percent off tonight!” “Everyone, eat and
drink well !” At this time, the stall owner spoke Chaoshan dialect and brought a few small workers to grill, stir-fry, and Put it in front of the police officers.
The boss can set