t’s “self-defeating”, rather than a pure ridicule.

“It works? But it still can’t compare to the happy mixture I made.”
Heiwei’s perception of happy emotions is very keen, mainly because it has been in a state of depression for a long time.
The same goes for the other residents of this city.
“You haven’t officially started using it yet, now the three words Xiaobawang are silently recited in your head.” Qiao Xiu said to it.
Hei Tail did what Qiao Xiu said, and in the next second a radiant picture appeared in front of it, and pixels on the picture formed a plumber-like figure.
“Does the magic in your body 西安夜桑拿论坛 only support twenty minutes? It’s okay… If it’s a one-time buyout, it won’t be good to develop my plan.”
The magic net interface summoned by Heiwei is very unstable, even if it is small The overlord-like system still cannot last for much time.
The bodies of the inhabitants of this world have been transformed by the gray mist into weak physiques that cannot absorb magic, or…the magic in the air is pitiful.
“Don’t look, you should be able to see something like a handle in front of your eyes, try to play it, you won’t be disappointed.”
Qiao Xiu believes that if this orange cat simulator has an expression system, the orange cat’s face must be A meaningful expression will emerge.
“What are you playing?”
Hesitatingly held the translucent handle in front of him, the plumber in the picture began to move under its control, and his pupils lit up with a little light unknowingly.
西安夜网论坛 The first thousand and four chapters of Dirty Trading (first update)
Blacktail spent a few minutes mastering the actions of this villain in the screen and how to play this game.
This 西安耍耍网is a very strange feeling. Heiwei didn’t feel the great pleasure and confusing illusion brought by drinking joy when it was right.
At this moment, Black Tail can clearly feel that he is awake, and his messy head seems to be cleaned up and neatly, making it very comfortable.
With this sense of sobriety, Heiwei focused his a