upside down. Behind, Demon Lord Rad hits Wan Tian Sheng with a punch, and a huge hole appeared in the chest of the beat Wan Tian Sheng.

The two invincibles came together.
Demon Ladd glanced at the faceless man with no apparent appearance. At this moment, this unwillingness to reveal his identity, Demon Ladd coughed, “Your future body is here, and the deity also concealed it. “It won’t be long,” the
faceless 西安夜桑拿论坛 man said quietly, “It’s just the future body, and the future body is immortal. Who knows, I am not three in one!”
He laughed, and the next moment, he quickly killed the sage!
Saint Wan Tian kept coughing up blood, but his smile was brilliant, “No, you will die. Everyone who will fall in the future will know who betrayed the human race.” At
this moment, an incredibly wide river emerged. .
Rad and the Faceless Man stopped at the same time, shaking.
“I have no future, I do not repair the past, I am the sage of the ten thousand heavens, and the only one of the ten thousand
realms !” With a violent shout, his breath soared, and the aura of the sage of ten thousand heavens was so powerful at this moment that it was frightening!
Body injuries recovered instantly!
“You’re done!”
Wantian Sage looked at them coldly, you guys, it’s over!
Both Rad and the Faceless Man are shaking in their hearts, what a monster this is!
Soon, someone shouted: “He has no future and no past. Killing him in this world, there is no one 西安夜桑拿网 in all realms!”
Wantian Sage, only this world!
Kill him!
The war broke out again, and this time, it was even more fierce!
Chapter 480
There is no past, no future
Only the current
Nine Layers of Ten Thousand Heavens Sacred Sun and Moon are really nine layers, not invincible, not quasi-invincible, but his state is very mysterious.
He has no past and future, but he always walks in the long river of time, always at a peak, the highest peak.
How strong the past was, how strong he is now.
How strong the future is, how strong it is now.
A state of e