st people. , You have to understand before you can set up such a way!”

Speaking of this, the sky has been broken in the distance.
Su Yu, who had just taken advantage, saw that they were about to fall into a contrarian trend again!
Because Jingtian and Jitian are almost here!
Su Yu and the others have not been able to take down Hongtian and the Lord of Chaos, so it still won’t work!
Yanhuo sighed: “Okay, I have to go. In these years of prison, I’m actually very satisfied. The only thing I’m not satisfied with is that you haven’t smiled at me, oh, you haven’t cried for me 西安洗浴网 once. !”
He smiled brightly: “The demons, the temperament, do whatever you want. Our demons are not good at conspiracy and trickery, but my demons just want to do whatever you want! There are no rules, and the world you create is imprisoned. I probably can’t stay. It’s too rigid. It’s not in line with my intentions. I’m still supporting you!”
“Don’t try hard, you may not be able to fight them after I leave. Take the main road, hide, and wait for the last time to come out, otherwise, Su Yu, Xingyu These hypocrites may not be
able to tolerate you!” The prison king turned his head and looked at him with an indifferent expression: “You want to win the way for me?”
“Of course!”
Yanhuo laughed and looked over there again, “It’s too late, and if it’s too late, they rushed to prison. To be honest, did they track down me back then?”
“You can’t even lie to me once. ? ”
flames of frustration, shaking his head,” that does not move people, the pity! ”
then down, the amendments were more than 20 channels, Ta step by step into the sky, flew toward the distance, smiles, laughter 西安足浴spa swing pass Then came: “Prison, maybe you didn’t care about it back then, but now, I let those people go, you didn’t punish me, the law, after all, you still can’t be more than affectionate, and you
succumb to the law !” The prison king did not speak, but watched silently. .
At this moment, Su Yu was also extremely angry!
The lord o