o, Su Yu is dead, in your age, there is no way out!”

Wang Wen’s face changed slightly. In fact, Su Yu only told them the news about the fourth door, but now, obviously, Sanmen also guessed this, because it is not difficult to 西安夜网论坛 speculate.
In order to cut off the back of Sanmen and cut off all the back of the Ten Thousand Realms Era, they might target Su Yu!
King Wen’s face changed, and King Wu thought of something at the moment, and said in a low voice: “Second, I’ll go in!”
Su Yu and the others may encounter a more severe crisis than before!
Because of the coming of the world-destroying aura, this means that there may be some tacit understanding between the human gate and the earth gate and the heaven gate!
Kill Su Yu!
The messenger of the door of the earth, will there really be a great sage descending?
The Great Sage may really come!
At this moment.
Bihua Mountain.
Ancestral territory.
Zhou Ji suddenly opened his eyes and looked at an old man in front of him. The old man was watering a green bamboo. At this moment, some rural old farmers felt that Zhou Ji was sober, and he didn’t look back: “What’s wrong? ”
Zhou Ji eyes flashing:” Yeah man the door, some tragedies, people felt the door some bad influence brought by Su Yu, decided to let some of the King come to the door, the door to help the strong, Su 西安耍耍网 Yu beheaded! They!” The
old man said without turning his head: “Isn’t this what you have always suggested?”
Zhou Ji smiled: “I suggested that, but I didn’t expect that the people here would really agree to it, and it’s now. Starting the formal entry process, the Bafang Great Sage will soon negotiate and allow a few ”
old people to come to the gate of the gate” to think about it: “The gate of the ground is afraid that you will attack inside and outside. If you really want to deal with the group of Su Yu, it will not allow the gate. Too many powerful people have come, the three great sages are the ultimate!”
“That is not something Su Yu and the others can bear!”