bling at this moment. In their eyes, Su Yu is actually a good person. But even on the Human Race, they dare not say that Su Yu is a kind person.

No face to say!
The words of Lantian and Su Yu just now proved that the two of them had just played tricks and made small moves, and the Prison King Avenue they had made had collapsed on their own. It was too cruel!
But Su Yu had a face of indifference.
The blue sky also disappeared instantly, digging into the broken world, he was going to devour some of the will of the world and strengthen his own will.
Su Yu was not in a hurry to go to other places, but slowly and slowly stripped 西安夜桑拿论坛 away some of the avenues in the Prison King’s heaven and earth.
The Way of Seven Emotions and Six Desires!
These ways have a great effect on the Saint of 西安耍耍论坛 Heaven.
At this moment, it seems that Su Yu’s side has completely gained the upper hand. On Wu Wang’s side, the four powerhouses have jointly besieged Jitian and Jingtian, and have the absolute upper hand.
Although the Lord of Qiong and the Necromancer fell into a disadvantage, Su Yu was free now.
If this continues, Su Yu will win!
But Su Yu knew it was just the beginning!
The two schools of heaven and earth, don’t stimulate them at this moment, Su Yu will not go to the war so soon, he firmly believes that he has gone now, and the two schools that can stimulate instantly burst out of 40 powers.
Su Yu is in no hurry!
Why do you want to stimulate them?
There are also Jitian and Jingtian. Since they dared to cooperate with them, Su Yu didn’t believe them. These guys had no success, but even if the prison king and Zhou died, these people did 西安桑拿按摩网 not break out.
Obviously, if they have any, they should pay the price!
That being the case, Su Yu didn’t irritate them anymore.
Take it easy!
Time delays, it may not be a bad thing.
He quickly peeled off the avenue. At this moment, Qiong couldn’t help yelling: “Su Yu, you said yes, Tiandi Dadao, send it to me quickly”
He almost couldn’t hold it!
Su Yu, w