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deeper you go, the brighter the color of the “moss” on the wall and the narrower the secret road space.
Chen Ge almost moved inward against the “moss”. Holding the Skull Smasher in one hand, when he entered a deeper corner, the spikes on the hammer’s head scratched the wall.
Chen Ge didn’t care at first, but the “moss” was rubbed off. With 西安品茶网 the help of his pupil, he vaguely saw something behind the “moss”.
After stepping back a few steps, Chen Ge slowly squatted down on his side. When he looked at the gap that was scratched by the Skull Smasher, his pupils suddenly shrank together.
A human face was exposed under the “moss”. It was a woman’s face. Her skin was leaking blood. What was unacceptable was that the blood oozing from her face had a faint fragrance.
“This passage was built with corpses?”
His body was slightly stiff, and Chen Ge looked around him, not knowing how many faces were hidden under the thick “moss”.
“It’s crazy.” The
white cat continued to run forward. Chen Ge looked at the woman’s face and hesitated for a moment. Without leaving the white cat alone, he followed in.
At the secret crossing, Li Xu and Ma Wei looked at each other.
“Let’s just stand 西安耍耍论坛 here and wait for him to come out?” Li Xu suppressed his voice to the lowest level. He was afraid that what he said would be heard by Chen Ge in the secret tunnel.
“Otherwise? I think he might be tempting us on purpose? Once we escape, he will immediately rush out and kill us.” Ma Wei replied 西安夜网论坛 cautiously. They really didn’t understand why it was ten o’clock in the evening. Many will meet a young man with a hammer in the underground corpse.
“I think let’s go quickly. That person may be what the security guards call a “ghost”.” Li Xu became more and more afraid as he thought about it. His face was pale: “When we first met him, he even had a light on him. No. It’s dark around here. How can he see the surrounding scene clearly if he is a human?”
Ma Wei thought about it and felt that Li X