of door panels, so you can’t see the inside of the room through the small hole.” Chen Ge took out his mobile phone: “The location of the small hole on each door is different, some of which I watched More familiar, I tried to connect them with wires, and I got an unexpected result.”

“What is the harvest?”
“Those holes made with nails represent the stars. Connecting all the stars on the door correctly will form a constellation, the first one. The door is Aries and the second door is Taurus. These twelve doors correspond to the zodiac signs.” The
tourists 西安桑拿夜网 were surprised when they heard Chen Ge’s analysis. They felt that they were in the same place as Chen Ge. In the scene, it seems that they are not playing the same game.
“Then what hints can the signs of the zodiac give us?” The police lowered their voice for fear of interrupting Chen Ge’s thinking.
“The trouble is here. The zodiac sign has many meanings. It is a constellation, it can correspond to the time, and it can also be used as a password.” Chen Ge looked at his mobile phone: “This word comes from Greece, and the original meaning is zoo. The person in the zoo is definitely not a person. Is it warning us that the tenants behind the door can’t be called a person? This is consistent with the information the detective received.”
Shaking his head, Chen Ge frowned: “I’m not too good at solving puzzles and reasoning. This level has touched my blind spot.”
Looking at 西安桑拿按摩网 the distressed Chen Ge, other tourists were already afraid to speak.
Chapter 969 Skull Smasher goes online
“What can we do to help?” The police looked at Chen Ge, who was frowning and thinking, and eagerly leaned over.
The tourists all expected Chen Ge to take them out. As for the tasks assigned to them by the leaders of the park, they have long been forgotten.
“The zodiac may be a code. This scene is not based on luck at all, but the ability to understand mystery. As long as you can crack the secrets of the zodiac, you can determine which room is safe and which roo