, the sun and moon eighth layer of the Ming clan is the injured son of the injured one.

Outside the ancient city.
Invincible has indeed arrived.
Not one, but several.
The immortals, demons, dragons, and gods are invincible. The Ming and Ape tribes are not the future people. As for the Dragon and Silkworm tribe, they will not come.
One family, an invincible came.
Four powerful invincibles, 西安耍耍论坛 overlooking the giant city below, a few invincibles arrived, no one to see, no one can see.
Below, the giant city still stands tall.
Last time, the 12 invincibles could not be shaken.
For a long time, the Demon King of the Demon Race said: “You can’t make a move together, one can make a move and break through the gates, one will lead the other strong to return, and one will volley and slap at the City Lord’s Mansion.”
“Huh?” The
Dragon Race’s invincible frowned and said: ” Want to attack the City Lord’s Mansion? Rad, do you want to draw out those ancient stone carvings?” The
Dragon Race’s invincible disagrees!
This is Ladd, the ancestor of Tianduo, the demon king of the First Demon Race, extremely powerful.
The two invincible gods and immortals also frowned slightly.
Demon Lord Rad said calmly: “Su Yu is a variable, the trouble lies! 西安夜网论坛 He has survived for a full 13 days and has not died. This is not in line with the previous expectations. How much death has he been attacked? Can he continue to recover? The Lingyun Realm is so powerful, and it has set off 西安夜桑拿论坛 the heavens! Once he walks out of death, what should he do?” After that, he
said: “I will take action personally and beat the City Lord’s Mansion! Destroy the City Lord’s Mansion! The ancient stone carvings, even if they are shot. , It may not be too late!”
He wants to destroy Su Yu!
This was his judgment, not just for revenge on Tianduo, it was meaningless.
He wants to deal with Su Yu!
He did feel Su Yu’s unusualness, and his judgment was not wrong. He was even willing to take the risk and destroy the City Lord’s Mansion persona