e picture walked out of the picture, and then merged into the shadow’s body.

The children in the entire building also laughed weirdly. They are no longer innocent children, but shadow puppets.
“The children in the 西安夜桑拿网 building are the sacrifices of the fetus? How many people have you buried in the eastern suburbs?” The door behind Chen Ge changed the most. The black figure that conformed to his appearance gradually faded, each body part by body. The mutilated, black villain, dominated by resentment and hatred, walked out of it.
Each of them has two faces, one is their original face, and the other is similar to Chen Ge.
This scene looks very horrible, but the shadow is enjoying the process: “The child’s resentment is too deep, and there is no way to be born, so I can only let these children share the grievances of the child, have you seen it? So many Only children can offset part of the resentment of Plutobirth. It is conceivable how much pain I have endured for you!” There is no
innocent smile on the children’s faces. Their current expressions 西安洗浴网 are numb and strange, and there is also a hatred of life. This is very scary in Chen Ge’s eyes. If you don’t control it, new children might be born, and this is probably the scene that the shadow wants to see most.
Black villains poured into the shadow body, his dim body became solid again, and a dark black curse was flowing on his body, forcing the bone spurs that the tunnel ghost had just pierced into his body.
Cursing this thing, even the ordinary red clothes are reluctant to touch it. When the black villain appeared, the female ghost in the tunnel deformed again and moved away from the shadow.
“I haven’t been looking for you, but I’m actually waiting for you to be my shadow one day. I didn’t expect you to run over and interfere with my plan.” The children’s faces appeared on the shadow. The children lost all of themselves, with a weird smile: “A person without a shadow is incomplete, and I will turn you into my shadow!”
When the shadow was ab