t looking at him.

Ren Suo’s brain banged instantly, feeling that a certain thread had broken!
I heard Qiao Muyi’s suggestion to nod the head. You said that Ren Suo didn’t chuckle in his heart. It must be fake-conquer the girlfriends at the mahjong table and let the girlfriends be obedient and take off the cover. Just think about it. The man’s blood is boiling!
As for whether he would lose, Ren Suo didn’t think it mattered. After all, even if he loses, he just takes off his clothes. Will a man lose his clothes if he takes off his clothes? Will it lose? Is it a loss?
What a loss!
It seemed like a piece of raw pork on a cutting board was criticized and even photographed. This strong sense of humiliation rekindled Ren Suo, who had not tasted failure for many days!
Playing games can’t beat others, and even lose clothes!
For players, there is nothing more humiliating than this!
If it weren’t for the “Night Moon Warrior” is still in a cooling state, Ren Suo would even want to call the avatar to come and help, so that these girls can see Ren Suo’s highest game skills!
However, even if there is no clone, Ren Suo will not let himself lose again!
Ren Suo ah Ren Suo, who are you and what are you doing now?
Answer yourself, what did you do in college!
Ren Suo slowly opened his eyes and exhaled heavily.
“I’m going to be serious.” He said lightly: “Maybe you didn’t know that when I was in college, not only could I not bring a computer during my freshman year, but I could not even pull the network cable.”
“So?” Gu Yueyan asked.
“During that year, I established the status of the first sage of the dormitory and the first king. During the four years of university, no one can shake my throne!” Ren Suo proudly said of his great achievements.
Anyway, it’s your boyfriend. Everyone is embarrassed to say anything. Only Ren Xingmei is finally relieved: “No wonder my brother, you are getting stupid after going to college. It turns out that you played cards in the dormitory without studyin