original LPL fixed balance, and leveling the Difu team. , The first victory over the sky!

To win another game, as long as they win another game, they are the most eye-catching darlings of LPL, and to win another game, they will have their grassroots status to counterattack all the so-called rich and handsome clubs and Tufeiyuan veteran teams! !
The commentary made Li Yun, who didn’t know anything about e-sports, suddenly realized that this is an extremely important game related to Yu Luosheng’s career, and it is a championship battle!
During the last game, Li Yun had been staring at the completely incomprehensible picture.
However, from the excitement of the commentators and the hot emotions of the audience, she learned that her child performed very well in that arena, and even watching Yu Yu participating in the swimming championship did not seem to have won so much like Yu Luosheng Cheers and applause.
Li Yun’s emotions were so inexplicably affected, she just sat there alive, watching such a completely incomprehensible game
“Li Yun, are you at home?”
Li Yun heard it just as the game was about to start. There was a knock at the door, and the sound seemed to be the sound of Lao Guan.
“It’s here.” Li Yun was a little reluctant, because the game will start soon, but I hope it’s not Laoguan who is entangled with the money, because with their current family situation, they really can’t afford to return the money to Laoguan.
Li Yun went to open the door, but Laoguan said with a smile on his face: “My daughter is engaged, so remember to come to my house to drink Leicha.”
Drinking Leicha is a small custom in Lecheng, housewarming, engagement, and children. The university would do it, and Li Yun was relieved to see that Laoguan was not here to withdraw money.
“Laoguan, you also know the current situation of my family. We won’t be able to pay for the 40,000 yuan for the time being.” Li Yun is not the kind of shameless person. He always feels sorry for owing money to others. In recent years, she was no