s, she put on her weakness and turned back.

Her seduce has been successful, and then it will be handed over to the blind monk and Wei En, she only needs to add blood to the rear to gather the chord.
The prince was hurt by a set of Qin’s skills, and the blind monk and Wei En followed a set of output, which hurt him even more, and had to surrender a flash to retreat.
“Well, I was squatted back.” Xiaobei called out.
The Blind Monk has a very strong anti-squatting ability, and it can’t escape when a set of anti-fighting other people encounters.
The prince suffered a big loss and retreated decisively to let Zyra take the damage.
Zyra was also crispy, she couldn’t resist for too long at all. With the strong counterattack of the blind monk and Vayne, Zyra also had to surrender and retreat.
The blind monk on the opposite side was very sharp. After pretending to retreat, he suddenly turned back to a thunder wave, which happened to hit the remnant Zyra.
Second kick!
The blind monk flew out, Foshan Wuying kicked Zyra’s body fiercely!
“Hey!!!” I
could hear the sound of bone cracking, and this foot completely took away Zyra’s last blood.
The assistant Zyra let out a scream, transforming into a huge scarlet sting flower, and squirting it at the blind monk.
The blind monk operated very elegantly, used the W golden bell to avoid this real damage, and retreated to a relatively safe area.
“This is a loss!” Lin Dong frowned. He didn’t expect that the blind monk of the other party had such a keen sense of smell that he could guess that the prince was here GANK.
This wave of anti-squatting is very bright, I have to say that the high segment is full of all kinds of amazing players.
“Wind, wind, wind ~~~ ~~~”
Just when the battle seems a bit messy, the purple side a soldier suddenly freeze in place, a blue coiled in this turbulent airflow soldier around.
This melee soldier seems to have attached a teleportation formation, and you can see the wandering mage Ryze falling from the sky in the middle!