Then he turned around and gently pushed the squirming black maggots aside, while whispering: “Cute little things, stay away, be careful of being hurt by me.”
It’s a pity that this gentle tone only lasted. one second.
The next moment he suddenly changed from dialing to grasping, a large number of maggots fell into his palm, and he was stuffed into the mouth with no one beside him. He sat down slowly, and the brain parasitized by the mother worm appeared in front of Zoe. At the same time, his mouth was also Chew until bursting.
“Doctor, try it if you want, it’s delicious.” While
talking, Crowley did pass a handful of black maggots to Zoe.
If you don’t look at the food itself, but just look at Crowley’s sincere expression, I’m afraid you will think that this person is offering something extremely delicious.
This scene fell into Tang Qi’s eyes, and he sighed that the extraordinary dishes he cooked might really fall into the category of deliciousness in the mysterious world.
“Thank you, no need!”
As a professional powerhouse, Zoe can obviously ignore the disgusting picture brought by the black maggots.
But tasting? That is absolutely impossible.
After refusing, Zoe completely ignored the “lost” look on Crowley’s face, like an honest person who had been issued a good person card. Her personality at this time was an indifferent but very professional extraordinary doctor.
The first “Light of Tranquility” is a proof.
Of course, if the female worm can be resolved easily, Zoe would definitely be willing to play a good role as a “healer.”
In the wide-ranging profession of witches, compared to the black witches who are mostly chaotic camps, the white witches are indeed good at some healing methods.
Unfortunately, the result appeared quickly.
Tang Qi is very close, so he can see clearly.
When Zoe’s hand, a detection magic power, fell into Crowley’s head, the alien magic power invaded, immediately causing the mother worm to move, and Crowley would also instantly fall into a state of madness.