ng the back of his neck.

After all, Tang Qi succeeded, a fragment of information emerged in his mind:
“As the most mysterious Lord God in Boundless, the Cat God hardly looks at any extraordinary food, but the delicacy made by the big octopuses [Chaotic Chocolate Beans] is an exception. For this food, he even took the risk to cheat a few secretly. The big octopus stays in the universe under his control.”
“But not long ago, because the mysterious monarch left Boundless, he was very sorry to run out of food.”
“Give him chaotic chocolate beans, there is a chance to get his favor.”
Obviously, this is what it is. The reason why Tang Qi was able to succeed in the end was that he quietly opened up the understanding of all things to the cat god, and learned of his weakness in advance.
The thread balls from Dr. Destiny, Tum’s cat box and the cat funny cat toys are just foreshadowing.
“If there is no accident, my cat is the most mysterious and top-notch one.”
“Unless Lady Night is also a cat, I have already achieved the highest achievement in the world of cats.”
Sitting on the throne, shamelessly This triumphant thought flashed through the bottom of his boatman’s heart.
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The 255th chapter is the invitation of the supreme divinity. The
Golden Palace, this copy area called “War of Apocalypse” freezes and twists.
Inside the hall, the group of four and the saint priestess who had beaten soy sauce had their eyes rounded, looking at Tang Qi, who was playing “Cat God” on the throne.
That kind of blasphemous action, instead of bringing bad luck, ended the copy in a special way.
In the dark, the octopus head’s announcement sounded:
“Congratulations [Professor praised us as a genius team]. The team’s’Ace Card’ has worked, and it has successfully obtained the great favor of the Dominant-level divine creature’Cat God’.”
“No need to summon. , The Cat God has taken the initiative to join the team.”
“Because of the collection of two master-level gods, the team has fulfilled [Mr. Domi