nge chaos at this moment.

He could no longer imagine, when the number of Rose Madeleine reached a certain level, what would it look like?
Tang Qi felt that he was facing a huge problem, the level of difficulty even took priority over how to help a large number of Roses fight the possible pollution, or the evil version of Rose that could appear.
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Chapter 157 Library Invasion Incident On the
first floor of the library, there are nearly two thousand sectors.
The sectors are all connected by a “knowledge secret path”, and only through the secret path can visitors enter other sectors.
At this moment, the three figures walked on the dark, empty path.
Real Rose finally won the bold and unrestrained version of Rose Madeleine and got “Alice No. 5” as an assistant, while the bold version of Rose stayed in the first sector, and may have completely entered the reading mode and started to do it for herself. Ascend to prepare for God and accumulate a lot of knowledge.
Because Alice No. 5 is separated from the main body of [Library First Sector Catalogue], her external appearance is constant, but she is a weird and cute mechanical girl with long gray-green hair, wearing a gorgeous dress and a top hat .
Tang Qi walked at the end, looking to the sides from time to time, and every time he took a step, various portals of light representing different temptations appeared.
These curses and temptations could not affect Tang Qi.
Unexpectedly, Alice No. 5 was also able to bear it easily.
As for Rose, she has no problem even more.
Soon the three of them saw a group of bright lights ahead and stepped into it together.
“You have passed the secret path, welcome you, the honest creatures who are seeking knowledge, this is the second sector.” After the
familiar voice, the three Tang Qi all felt their feet step on the real ground.
In front of him, there is a