your team. This bonus will continue to stack. The significance of going up is not great, so our club plans to form a guardian team A, let them replace you to take the challenge of the team?” Xiao Duoduo said.

“Yes, but if there are powerful teams who want to fight us, you can let them come.” Yu Luosheng said.
The current Lm is naturally different from a few months ago. Many teams have the heart to challenge, but they may not have the courage. This ring will probably exist in name only. It is really necessary to give the opportunity to other teams to continue this challenge.
Of course, Yu Luosheng doesn’t put air on his team. If those challenging teams beat their Demacia Club A team, then they will challenge their S team again. Yu Luosheng will definitely take over. Welcome any team to challenge. It’s not just casual talk.
In fact, many of Yu Luosheng’s tactical systems are inspired by those mixed teams. Yu Luosheng will not refuse such a game, even if he deliberately increases the difficulty of the game, he will play it seriously!
After the Lm team became the champion, many high-segment professional players asked Yu Luosheng if they had the intention of forming a second team.
Although a team is a fixed group of five people, Yu Luosheng did not have any plans for the second team at first, but after Qin Guangwang’s affairs, Yu Luosheng clearly knew that no matter how strong a player is, he cannot beat a player who can survive the years. Destruction, then the only way to prevent this from happening is to continuously train better e-sports players.
All the members of the Lm team have retired, and the Lm competitive spirit has dissipated?
That definitely won’t work. New players must join in to create brilliance again.
Team Lm is not a club. It is a bit difficult to form a complete professional system, but Yu Luosheng thinks it can be achieved with the help of the Demacia Club platform. Clubs like this must have a longer lifespan. Let the second team of the Lm team be stationed here like them, train