l never escape these two endings.”

“It’s just that this skill has a strict success rate limit. The stronger the enemy, the lower the success rate. Once the opponent’s mental power greatly exceeds himself, the success rate will also be. It’s so pitiful.”
“The most important thing is that once this effect is activated, no matter whether it succeeds or not, it will consume a lot of mental energy.”
“But this skill is just the beginning, and it can continue to be improved, perhaps to After a certain level, what the enemy is looking at is not just a projection of the Lord of the Forge, but the true body of the Lord of the Forge.”
Tang Qi finished reading all the information fragments, and after indulging for a moment, he couldn’t help but grinned. stand up.
“One of the cards called the lore skills!”
“I had a hunch right, advanced the progress of meditation every ten percent, there will be surprises all, I have started looking forward to the next surprise.”
Maintained With a pleasant smile, Tang Qi looked at himself in his glasses for the last time, blinked, and watched that the faint golden light finally disappeared completely.
Turning around, before he had time to clear the messy floor, Tang Qi directly sat down again. He is now in an extremely exhausted state. In order to advance the Eye of the Forge, he seems to have released all the mental power he possessed.
After the light and heat have exploded, it will naturally dim and fall silent.
After one breath, he entered the meditation state again, and compared to sleep, he was used to this recovery method.
In Midtown, close to Shifen Avenue, in a pioneer building with excessive black and red materials.
A tall figure passed through seemingly empty walkways and stairs, under the dim light. He finally entered the end of the aisle, in a dark room that seemed to be by the window, but after entering.
When the last ray of light was turned away, the figure showed some characteristics and costumes.
He has a sturdy, upright figure, seems to be a bald