ll fierce just now, and he was so aggressive that he was going to be an enemy of heaven and earth. As a result, he was weakened by others, which really changed B in a second!

Yu Luosheng was not happy. What is counseling B? This is strategy, a group of ignorant humans!
The time of 2.5 seconds is fast and fast. Yu Luosheng, who has come and gone without a trace, is under the protection of the defensive tower. After this time, the whole person is hardened again!
Okay, it’s time to show the real technology.
The whirlwind in your hand has been accumulating for a long time. It is impossible to count on your dryad to fly the key person on the opposite side, so
I swear, this curse troll is not dead.
Yu Luosheng just planned to use the whirlwind to make a way for himself. Who knew that the cursed troll rushed over at this time, and a huge stick suddenly rose from the ground, and Yu Luosheng’s Yasoka was at the root. It made Yu Luosheng unable to move for a while.
“Oops, there is no kid E.” Yu Luocheng was extremely painful, no flashes, no enemies to step on, and being stuck by a giant stick. It is difficult to move
this giant stick. Yu Luocheng is not afraid, but he is afraid of the flames of the fire man. Mark, this guy still has the mark of flame on his hand, he can’t move now, the fire man will easily hit him.
Sure enough, people are not as good as the sky. The plan was originally very Zhouxiang. Who knew that this cursed troll suddenly possessed a god and man and put such a good pillar.
“Hahaha, he’s dead, he’s dead!!” Huo Nan smiled suddenly.
I can finally exhale, and finally dazed to this damn Yasuo. The fate of the fire man was the same as that of the prince, and Yasuo had not been controlled in this round.
Yasuo has now become a non-moving target, which can be hit no matter what. The most important thing is that this guy has just used the wind wall, and the flash should still be on the CD, completely dead.
Eat my flame dizzy!
A hemispherical flame pushed out from between Huo Man’s ha