pecially prescribed by the Order of God.

Blacktail bypassed the beggars and tramp who were sleeping on the side of the road and came to the door of the wooden house. He carefully poked his head out of the wooden house window to check the conditions inside.
The cabin was very chaotic, and Heiwei saw a group of figures in gray robes in the arcade hall.
At this moment it covered its mouth in fear.
The scariest existence in this city.
“Not only the original spar, but also the magic inscription… How should I punish you brave lizards?”
The hand of a gray-robed man 西安夜生活论坛 was like a tentacled octopus mixed with flesh and blood, and the person in charge of this arcade hall It was rolled up and lifted into the air.
“Can this lizard eat it?”
Black Tail heard a terrifying suggestion from another inspector.
“Lieta… this lizard can’t be eaten. It smells like the power of faith.”
“Oh. ” Blacktail’s
forehead has already overflowed with a lot of sweat, and it resists fear and observes the situation inside. Four One of the inspectors was shorter and similar to it. It suddenly saw the appearance of the little figure, who was a girl.
At least a creature with the appearance of a human girl.
But in the next second, sharp tentacles appeared again under the cloak of that short figure, directly piercing the lizardman who was held high in the air.
The moment Black Tail saw this scene, it was too lazy to think about the ghost squirrel fight, and the first reaction was to turn around and quickly escape from this terrifying place.
The first thousand and twenty-seventh chapters
Damn it! Damn it!
What the hell is an inspector!
Heiwei ran along the road non-stop, from the mud crocodile gang 西安洗浴网 back to the sewing gang.
It has always heard that the inspectors are a group of terrifying existences, but it has never heard that the inspectors are not humans!
It took nearly half a day for Black Tail to run from one end of the city to the other, which is the headquarters of the Sewing Gang.