e clothes. Protospare mouse.

Monet is activated! The virtual keyboard is activated! Mowang Pay is going online…
Short touch the magic wand and watch the new post on the caster forum that just appeared a minute ago.
“World Rift” is now open, welcome all the warriors of the Alliance and Horde to the new world! ‘Posted by: Caster Forum.
“Why are you so excited?”
Hemina curiously used magic to push her wheelchair behind the short touch wand. The first second short touch wand was still a decadent appearance of’my life has no future’, and the next second will be energetic. To make Hemina think he might be crazy.
“The new game made by Qiao Xiu has finally been 西安品茶网 released!”
While short-touching the magic wand answered him, he directly clicked on the official website of the world’s rift, and found that the game of the world’s rift did not need to be purchased, but a point card charging system was adopted.
He didn’t have time to read the specific terms, so he chose to download and install the game.
The short touch wand has the leaves of the world tree, and it took him about an hour to finish the game.
The game zone of the caster forum has been completely exploded tonight, and the short-touch wand is no longer in the mood to go to the forum. He directly logged into the world rift with his Mowang account.
“Create your own character?”
Hemina read the choice he clicked beside the short touch wand.
“You can customize your own character” When the
short-touch wand entered the interface of character building, I realized that this game is completely different from the Holy Spirit. Not only can you choose your own character, but the appearance and race can all be customized.
He chose the alliance’s camp and human race, and his career short-touch wand chose a priest who has the ability 西安夜生活论坛 to heal and restore his teammates.
Because when you play the Holy Spirit with a short touch of the wand, you are dedicated to playing this type of hero.
In the end, the name of the character directly used t