The silhouette of the person in the fog slowly became clear, and the other person seemed to be walking towards him.
“No, I want to stay away from him.” The
drunk obviously felt that the opponent’s speed was accelerating, and he didn’t dare to respond, so he turned and ran.
“If he is a human,西安品茶网 he should be able to speak without saying a word. Just beckoning and thinking about it is a problem.” The
road is also unsafe, and the drunk is a little desperate, and he doesn’t know where to go.
“The most important thing now is to rendezvous with the other passengers. Sooner or later, I will be killed by myself.” The drunk ran forward for a distance. He had no buses along the way, and the more he ran, the more guilty he went: “It’s over, I’m completely lost. This The surrounding buildings look the same, and the bus is my only reference.”
A vague figure can be seen in the thick fog behind him, and the person who waved him just now follows behind, keeping a distance from him.
“Damn, what is this? Why do you always follow me?” The drunk speeded up and ran to the next crossroad in one breath.
The bus still didn’t see it. When the 西安足浴spadrunk was hesitating to go that road, he suddenly found that there was a silhouette of a person on the other side of the road, and someone was waving at him!
“Why did that thing come in front of me?! He should be far away from me!”
Despair seemed to climb into his heart with spiked thorns. The drunkard didn’t know what 西安夜桑拿网 to do, he seemed to be able to go no matter where he went. Saw that person.
“What to do?” Thirty years of life experience couldn’t help him at this time. The people on the other side of the road were still beckoning at him. The fuzzy outline and shaking arms looked like a pendulum representing death.
“Even if I flee to other streets, this monster may still follow me. I can’t help it. Fight with it!” The
drunk gritted his teeth, clutching the bone chopper brought out from the kennel kitchen.
He has never killed such a Dalian chicken before, bu