on, the entrance of the passage.

Su Yu looked there, looked at Daxia Mansion, looked at it again and again, there were some tears in his eyes, but he couldn’t cry.
He didn’t like crying when he was young.
Wan Tiansheng said he has a cruel face and a kind heart.
Su Yu doesn’t know.
not ruthless enough ? He feels that he is ruthless enough. But today, he knows that it is not enough. He is affectionate to this person.
Feel affection for this Daxia Mansion.
When he knew that there was a crisis in the human environment, when he knew that there was a crisis 西安夜生活论坛 in the Xia family, he came back. He could choose to be one of the overlords of the heavens. He didn’t. He did everything and came back.
To save Hong Tan?
It’s not just that
. He longs for a great victory in the human realm. He longs for the success of Xia Longwu’s proof.
Saint Wan Tian said that the bearer is very precious, don’t give it to 西安桑拿按摩网 people randomly, it is Su Yu, will Su Yu give it to people?
Maybe at this
moment, seeing the stars crash, he watched silently, and said nothing for a long time.
Next to him, I don’t know when there is one more person, 300,000 wise men, Wu Ji.
He looked over there, looked at the Temple of War, looked at the search realm suddenly, sneered, and vaguely said: “I have met a ruthless person, heh, it seems that I can be at ease as the guardian general.” There is
no need to go back.
Because there is nowhere to go back.
The Temple of War is gone.
He, the 300,000-strong warrior general , can be guarded here.
Su Yu glanced at him, Wu Ji also glanced at him, and said lightly: “You will judge whether it is proper or not, whether you think it is proper or not.”
Su Yu whispered softly. Said: “He is a holy or a demon”
“For posterity,”
Su Yu is still calm, “Who is the posterity?”
Wu Ji looked at him and didn’t understand what he meant.
Su Yu calmly said: “Later, he is not my teacher, not my relatives, he has not taught me anything, I don’t meet many times, but I want to give