coming, so I didn’t I know what the gods and gods will look like after that.”

Gao Wen nodded immediately: “I can understand this.”
“Well, in my memory, the borders of the kingdom of God are indeed not empty,” Enya continued, “the places where mortal thoughts cannot be accurately defined are actually full of ruins: the ruins of the ancient kingdom of God. The remains of the fallen god.”
“The ruins of the kingdom of God and the remains of the gods” Gawain’s pupils 西安耍耍网 shrank for a moment, and then slowly said after a while, “I have indeed heard Amoen mention this very briefly. He mentioned that there are ruins around the kingdom of God, but he did not explain in detail on this topic. I have also heard that the rebels of the ancient Gondor Empire saw the “destroy scene” of the kingdom of God in a glimpse. But the information in this area is too old and lacks a systematic review, even Veronica can’t understand it.”
“You can understand this step, and it has far surpassed many civilizations in the past 1.87 million years,” Enya Said gently, “Those ruins and wrecks are actually not difficult to understand. I believe you also have your own speculation-their existence represents the season after season of civilization that this planet has evolved over the long years. And the gods that civilizations 西安夜桑拿论坛 have created.
“Civilization lives and dies. Mortal thoughts appear and die out one after another. Even though civilizations have different tendencies in each season, they may even appear to be different. However, they always cast their own “projections” 西安品茶网 in the deep sea, forming corresponding gods. In a very long time span, these projection layers are stacked, leaving almost no “blank” where they overlap each other. With the demise of the civilization they corresponded to, the gods of the past fell apart, and the kingdom of God also collapsed and disintegrated—but all this requires a long process.
“I believe you have observed the gradual demise and disintegration process of the God of War. You