ulse Bay.

At this time, Ami was getting dressed in the cloakroom, dressed in a formal attire, and fiddled with a pearl earring with her hands.
“Wife.” Zhuang 西安夜网论坛 Shikai stepped forward with a soft voice, stood behind her, and took the initiative to tie her earrings.
“Why are you back?” Ami turned around and smiled and hugged her husband, obviously complaining, but there was a kind of coquettish taste.
“Come back and see you.” Zhuang Shikai smiled and patted her hip.
“Let’s see if you missed me last night.”
Master Zhuang can really switch seamlessly between different women. It is sweet to all women, and they are all very good.
“Humph!” Ami laughed immediately.
She patted her husband lightly on the chest: “Of course there is, a stinky man!”
“Oh?” The grandfather looked at her and said, “I miss you too…”
“Following other women, thinking of me?” He rolled his eyes and spoke very straightforwardly.
Immediately, she turned around and took out a pair of high heels in the cabinet and threw 西安耍耍网 it on the ground, lifted up the delicate bare feet, and gently stuffed them into the shoes…
“Let’s say, why don’t you come back to the headquarters in the morning? I don’t have time to play with you anymore. Oh…I will go to the group to take a look at the first day of my return today, so as to avoid any troubles in the group, I will open another board of directors by the way.”
At this time, Ami’s dress fits and fits beautifully, and she is dressed exquisitely and noblely, holding the cabinet. The appearance of the door in high heels is quite beautiful and moving.
However, after all, she wears high heels very softly, and she expects her husband to hug her on the spot! Press her in front of the cabinet! Hand in the grain owed last night!
It’s a pity that Lord Zhuang came back to deal with things… And last night he set off a cannon to celebrate his return. He Min hooked him like that in the morning, and he didn’t move, let alone Ami’s desire to refuse to welcome him?
Zhuang Shikai’s