time to eat today because she ran away from home, Aibo also missed the time to eat in order to find her sister.

Ai Bo immediately pulled her to the deepest part of the residence. The ground here was filled with a faint gray mist… When Ai Bo opened the door, the light in the depths of the room glowed with a blue light.
A sphere made of gray mist floats slowly in the center of the room. Below the sphere is the equipment that carries it, and it looks like a chain on the outside.
Ai Bo led Lietta to the edge of the ball, and the dim gray mist slowly fell from the ball, and finally gathered in Ai Bo’s 西安耍耍网 hands.
“Is only this left?” Aibo looked at the gray crystals condensed in his hands.
This orb was created by their mother… The energy gathered by humans in this city will gather inside, and their mother will give them a certain amount of energy every day.
The energy is limited and the mother is not responsible for the distribution, leaving only the command “must be distributed to other brothers and sisters”.
Aibo’s eldest sister and brother did it, but the little energy left behind was not enough for Aibo to eat a half full.
“Those two greedy guys…” The anger rising in Aibo’s heart surprisingly eased her hunger, but anger is useless, she is far from the opponent of that brother and elder sister.
Aibo could only hold the backlog of hatred and anger in his heart, broke a crystal in his hand and handed half to Lietta.
“May be able to go to the city to collect some new ones at night.” Aibo said.
The first thousand and forty-second chapter shooting scene
Mrs. Nishizawa’s executive power is amazing.
The day before yesterday, after discussing the 西安洗浴网 shooting plan of v, Qiao Xiu was directly taken to Faloxi’s royal capital by Mrs. Nishizawa the next day.
Carolly’s holiday in Nolan ended prematurely before it even started on the second day.
But what gives Carolli some psychological comfort is…this time the director of the crew is Qiao Xiu, and she also read the script of v.
The scr