e distance, and said, “Loulan is the hub of the Silk Road. You can walk through the middle section, passing Yuli, Shanguo, and your Qiuci, Wensu, and Shule out of the Western Regions. This is silk. The golden road of the road, all the way is at the foot of the southern foot of the Tianshan Mountains, and the distance is the shortest.”

“From Loulan to the north, passing through Gaochang, Cheshi and other countries, crossing the northern foot of the Tianshan Mountains and out of the Western Regions.”
“From here to the south, take Altyn Mountain. , The northern foot of Kunlun Mountain, passing Ruoqiang, Xiaowan, Qiemo, Jingjue, 西安夜网论坛 Khotan to Shache, and then to Shule to leave the Western Regions.”
“Next, I considered two options. , One is to go directly to the middle road to Qiuci, the inside and the outside are combined to attack Qiuci, the other is to go to the south road, continue to retreat all the way and then hit the Shache, which plan do you think is better?” Jiang Hao looked at Princess Dilinaza and asked.
Dilinaza thought about it and looked up at Jiang Hao, “Which one is good for you, I know, your goal is definitely more than just defeating Shache, I always feel that Shache is nothing in your eyes.”
Jiang Hao smiled and shook his head and said: “Princess Dina, you really value me. How could it be nothing in my eyes that the Shaw is on the wheel.”
“No, this is the feeling you give me. In fact, you have always been Shache not attach too much importance, not 西安品茶网 to beat him as head mark, I now feel, your goal is the whole Western, not just Kucha and Shache. “Dina said with certainty is.
Jiang Hao’s eyes sharpened suddenly, and she reached out to hook the woman’s chin. Princess Dina was taken aback by Jiang Hao’s movement, and she was too scared to move. As Jiang Hao recovered her hand, she didn’t follow her by herself. .
The faces of the two people got closer and closer, and Princess Dina’s big eyes flickered in fright, and her long eyelashes were flying like two butterflies.
Just when t