“Bad used to be too”

“Let me interject,” You Li said on the side, “First of all, the Wendell family is indeed Typhon’s most important military nobleman. The family leader and heirs must have access to this part of the secrets, but I don’t think Bud can help-he is in He left Typhon more than a decade ago, and at that time the technology for mass-producing Transcendents was far from mature. In the following many years, Bud was locked in a biochemical laboratory by the end of everything. He should have no chance. 西安洗浴网 Access to this information”
“Let’s discuss this matter later,” Gao Wen thought a little, and shook his head. “This topic is too far away-we should focus more on the normal research route. Heidi, you can try to arrange people to contact Let’s take a look at Wendell’s father and daughter, but be careful not to cause counter-effects. Before that, Wendy and Yuri, you still follow the previous plan, first select some matchers from the mages for training. During the war, our mental protection unit It must be put into use as soon as possible, even if only a small amount of elite is invested, it can also increase the chances of survival for the frontline soldiers.”
After the arrangements were made, Gao Wen did not stay in the laboratory for more—before the evening, he had to go to host. A meeting of consuls.
Leaving the research facility, Gawain and Hety were walking on the way to the parking lot. A cold wind blew, causing Hety, who had not turned on the breeze shield, to shrink his neck subconsciously.
Gao Wen raised his head and saw that the sky had become gloomy for some time. Lead-colored thick clouds covered the earth. The 西安足浴spa turbulent cold wind ran through the clouds. Some crystal clear snowflakes fluttered in the wind. Dang the ground and fell down.
“It’s snowing” Heidi also raised her head, the snowflakes falling from the sky reflected in her transparent eyes, she stretched out her hand, a snowflake touched her fingertips, but it turned into a drop of water within a few s