ll family for their long-term contributions, and the other is to place a memory on it. I hope you can treat it properly.”

Andesa listened nervously from the side, and suddenly took a breath. She realized the words of the messenger. 西安耍耍论坛 A very crucial detail
in the empire – since a force led by his father lost its track at the foot of the Dark Mountains 20 years ago, although almost everyone believed that the wolf general was no longer alive, all the official calibre of the empire over the years The qualitative nature of this matter is the disappearance, especially the royal family. In this matter, the word “death” has never been used on formal occasions!
The young General Wolf quickly realized something. She looked at her grandfather and saw the old man startled for a while, and then her lips quivered slightly. It seemed that it took a lot of effort to finally speak: “I thank your majesty.” Grace”
“Please accept this gift,” the messenger smiled and motioned to the entourage behind him to come forward, “this is the heart of your majesty.”
“Okay, of course.” 西安夜网论坛 Duke Perdinand said immediately, and ordered the attendant to come. He took the long wooden box and opened the lid, a beautifully shaped and practical protective sword with sky blue gems inlaid on the hilt appeared in 西安桑拿夜网 front of him.
“What else did your majesty say?” The old prince raised his head to look at the messenger, and asked quickly.
“There is only a very simple sentence,” the messenger looked at the old man solemnly. “He said:’Everyone is well.'”
“Everyone is well”, Duke Perdinant repeated this sentence subconsciously, and then slowly nodded, “I understand, please allow me again to express my gratitude to your majesty.” The
messenger had a mission and was not in Changzhi Manor. After staying for too long, he quickly left here with his entourage. In the lobby of the main house of the manor, only Andesa and Pedinan were left again.
The two long swords with special significance have been put away by the attendants and sent to the