in this formula, namely “the total number of attributes of the monks” and “elves”. Ask for the number of spirit crystals” and determine the inheritance spells of the children by comparing the relationship between the two variables.

The monk is weaker than the elves, so the spells of the children are related to the attributes of the elves. Of course, this is not necessarily a bad thing. After obtaining the spirit blood technique, the combat power of the character will not be lower than that of other family members, and it can even increase the diversity of spells.
However, either the monk talent covers the elf blood, or the elf blood covers the monk talent, without exception.
Reflected in the game, the character will only fight with the same spell from beginning to end.
However, Ren Ying still has another inheritance spell!
“Inheritance of Spells?Luo Shen Fu: Immune to water damage, immune to fire damage, 4 times the damage is dealt with 西安夜生活论坛 water attribute attacks.”
Such as!
When Ren Suo saw this skill, his eyes almost protruded!
These two spells can be superimposed on each other and take effect at the same time!
A super soldier with both axe form and shield form, and ignores fire damage and water damage!
More importantly-
she is only one year old!
And also perfectly inherited all the attributes of the previous generation!
But she won’t be constrained by the settings in the game. She can practice at one year old, set off at one year old, and meet spirits at one year old.
Although the lifespan is still 23 years old, the existence of this open character can at least help the Ren family continue for 23 years!
In the picture, Ren Ying looked blank like a little girl: “I, am I not dead?”
Ren Luoyang: “Patriarch, you are not dead, you have been blessed 西安桑拿按摩网 by the gods and reborn in the gods.”
Ren Suo opened On the “Cross Spirit” list, 西安夜桑拿论坛 I found that “God Mi Fei” is no longer there, so I can only sigh secretly, but this is also expected-it can make a game chara