o visit Chen and his haunted house people, teachers worried about the impact we learn, came specially arrest people? ” “

line of the line, you are first Skip class this time? Tensions are inevitable, and I will get used to it.” Xiao 西安足浴spa Li urged Wang Yan to leave: “We both fainted at the same time. You were put on a hospital bed with two layers of mattresses underneath. I just got used to it.” Being thrown on the board, you can see from their attitude towards us. Those doctors should be your acquaintances. They will definitely not lie to you.”
“I also feel that they are familiar, but I have a little impression. Nothing.”
Bubbles continued to emerge in the cave in the center of the morgue in the house, the lights on the walls flickered and dimmed, and the iron doors in the corridor made slight noises, and it seemed that someone was pushing back and forth.
Under this situation, Wang Yan didn’t dare to delay too long, he was afraid that the wall lamp would go out and the monsters would chase after him.
“Let’s go, if you are scared, then I will go ahead and you can show 西安桑拿夜网 me the way.” Xiao Li has been working for many years, steady and clever, and is the most courageous employee of Virtual Future Park. At this time, he bravely stood up.
Wang Yan didn’t refuse Xiao Li’s kindness. He stepped
aside and watched Xiao Li enter the secret road: “Be careful.” “Yes.” Xiao Li took out his mobile phone and turned on the flashlight that came with the mobile phone: “Hurry up and go. , I don’t want to open my eyes next time and see those doctors again.” The
two went into the secret passage one after another. The passage became narrower and narrower, and patches of blood-red moss-like patches were stuck on the wall. thing.
“Why hasn’t it reached the end?” Wang Yan walked forward, feeling more nervous, the secret path only allowed one person to pass sideways, and his clothes inevitably rubbed against the “moss” next to him.
His clothes were wet and his skin was a little itchy. He followed Xiao Li, feeli