Yu use this as a pedal to prove to the whole institution of his power, his genius, and his enchantment!

Old Sun Ge set up the silence array, Yu Hong also rushed, and Old Ge Li also arrived.
Zhou Mingren didn’t come.
The three old patrons were silent.
A cultivating student, slapped them in the face time and time again, and has been dormant for so many years, but now they are constantly fighting back. Once they fight back, they are actually unable to resist!
Old Sun Ge looked at Zhou Pingsheng coldly, and then at Liu Hong.
Liu Hong looked helpless, “I’m thinking of letting the other four drag him down, who knows he is so strong”
This is very helpless!
Don’t look at me!
They did not win in a team battle, but one against five. They were not singled out, but one out of five. He won. Not only did he win, but 西安桑拿夜网 he also won easily!
Elder Sun suppressed the anger in his heart, “No wonder you!”
This is indeed no reason to blame Liu Hong.
There is no point in angering!
If you really want to anger, you have to anger Zhou Pingsheng, 西安夜网论坛 this idiot!
“Pingsheng, Su Yu’s starting capital, did you provide?”
Zhou Pingsheng’s expression changed as soon as he said this, and he agreed with some difficulties! And Junior Brother Liu is also on the scene, he knows the situation! ”
Liu Hong said dryly: “Yes, Mr. Sun, we really didn’t expect Su Yu to be so treacherous about this matter!” There were also Xia’s family and many other forces who were there that day, and no one noticed anything abnormal! ”
He has to help Zhou Pingsheng speak!
This matter can’t be studied deeply, otherwise he will be troublesome.
“Really?” ”
Old Sun Ge said coldly: “Is that really 100,000 merits?”
He looked at Liu Hong, “Liu Hong, come on!”
Liu Hong cursed secretly in his heart!
Damn it!
Why do you ask me at this time?
I asked, didn’t I offend Zhou Pingsheng and Zhou Mingren to death? 西安夜桑拿论坛
Why did Sun Ge insist on pulling me into the water?
What time is it!
Zhou Pingsheng said with a sullen face and did