fied. And Su Yu was a little unwilling to say: “Eight elders, let’s forget it. I’m afraid I can’t control it. Instead, I will add chaos to these people. It’s not the same as the white face. It’s more than enough to fail.”

Juli wants to scold someone and
we didn’t despise you. , Okay, I also dislike it, but we are so strong, you still dislike us. The
eighth elder smiled and said: “Xuan Jiu, you can’t be rude, if they join, they will be their own family members from now on.”
Su Yu calmly said: “Then I hope they can be obedient and disobedient. Let the Eighth Elders bring them personally. I don’t want them to put us in a desperate situation.”
“I don’t think so.”
The eighth elder said meaningfully: “The leaders of Juli are all sensible 西安耍耍论坛 people, how could this be only temporary? Several of them joined the Hunting Pavilion, and now they can be granted 西安夜桑拿论坛 the white face and hang under the name of the profound armor.”
Juli hesitated Said: “Why is Xuan Jia not the eight elders?” The
eight elders smiled and said, “Hanging on the Law Enforcement Department, it is not easy to handle it behind. The Law Enforcement Department can enter and cannot exit, and the four can be adjusted.”
Juli’s puppet Nodded, hesitated for a while and said again: “Elder Eighth, I still have a little doubt”
“Please tell”
“The Hunting Pavilion has the best intelligence, I want to buy one”
“This is a trivial matter”
Juli thought about it. Said: “No, this matter may have a great impact. I want to get accurate information.” The
Eighth Elder was surprised and quickly said, “You tell me, I am not specifically responsible for these, but it is the same as I said, if it is very important. ., I can personally 西安品茶网 communicate and Minister of radical 201, the Minister responsible for this one, ”
Juli pondered a moment, acoustic:” I would like to ask the big Xia Wenming three generations of government institutions in the end there is no long-dead ”
,” ah ”
this The eighth elders are naturally clear about this kind of news,