hock: “This clan must have invincibility, what level of invincibility? The ancient clan is invincible, and the strength will not be weak!”

Half the emperor is a respected name, and eternity is the realm.
Half-emperor has strength and weakness, but not invincible. If you want to be called half-emperor, be careful to be shot to death by invincible.
Entering Lingyun, unexpectedly a vision descended from the sky!
This is a powerful sign!
Not only is the small Maoqiu strong, but this clan is also strong. If the simple small Maoqiu is strong, there is no anomaly. The reason for this is difficult to study. There is an anomaly, which means that the small Maoqiu broke through and obtained the half-emperor of the ethnic group. blessing.
Break through the void, cross the world, and a vision comes!
Zhu Tiandao cursed his mother in his heart!
Which ancient tribe is this?
Never heard of it!
Could it be true that as my father said, it appeared hundreds of years ago, 西安耍耍网and disappeared in a flash, sucking up an invincible existence?
very scary!
Will you not come to Daming Mansion?
probably not!
There are a lot of invincible human races, no matter how brave the person is, he will not dare to come to the human realm to be wild, and it is enough to sneak into the sun and the moon.
At this moment, endless void.
A small area, picturesque.
On a tree, many Tianyuan fruits hang.
A huge ball of hair, opened his eyes, turning back time in his eyes, returning to a year ago, a year ago, when he fell asleep, a passage opened in the air.
A small fur ball sleeping on his head saw a passage open in the sky, and his eyes showed curiosity. When he saw that the big fur ball was still sleeping, he flew out. After a while, the passage closed.
As time goes by, it is no longer clear to see.
Vaguely, I 西安夜桑拿论坛 saw something, but I couldn’t see clearly.
After a long time, a picture appeared. Someone took a hammer and smashed the little hairy ball. The flames flickered on the little hairy ball.西安夜桑拿网