e been very strange since I entered here. How did Nuan know the secrets of all the tenants? At first I thought Xiang Nuan had the ability to perceive people’s hearts. After hearing what you said, I knew that the truth is countless times more cruel than I guessed.”

“The truth?”
“You still remember. Don’t remember the TV in the toilet and the dense lines behind the TV?”
“Remember.” Wen Qing had a very 西安夜桑拿论坛 bad premonition.
“The landlord has been spying on the lives of the residents in the building through surveillance. He has seen the most filthy and ugly side of everyone, and then he may have made pure Xiang Nuan watch it like white paper. He tells you that the world is beautiful before others. The flowers are red and the sky is blue, but he keeps telling Xiang Nuan behind the others that what is shown on the screen is the real humanity.”
Chen Ge said his guess, and he has tried not to use those that are too excessive. Vocabulary, but Wen Qing almost fainted after hearing it.
She couldn’t imagine that Xiang Nuan would become what she is now, probably because of her carelessness.
Chapter 1085 The patients who have been treated with me respect me (4000) and
pat Wen Qing on the shoulder. Chen Ge whispered: “Cheer up, now is not the time for sadness and regret.”
Wen Qing took a long time before returning 西安桑拿按摩网 to normal. She took a few deep breaths and nodded.
“Next, let’s go to the tenth floor to see what the landlord’s real secret is. After we know everything, we should leave this building.” All the monsters in the Cursed Hospital Xiang Nuan disappeared, and Chen Ge didn’t want to be there either. Staying in the same place for too long, he worried that he would miss something.
Ten minutes later, everyone gathered at the corner of the stairs on the ninth and tenth floors. They searched all the places in the house, but nothing was gained.
“The last secret of this building should be hidden on the tenth floor. Everyone is mentally prepared.” When Chen Ge said this, his pupils swept Doctor Li