r of time, with some helplessness.

After a while, one person appeared in front of the ancient city.
“I have seen the Demon Emperor!”
The figure had an illusory face, but when he looked closely, it looked like Modona.
In fact, this is Modona.
However, at this moment, the demon emperor did not come, but possessed Modona, and came to the ancient city. Compared with possessing a human state, the 西安桑拿按摩网 battlefields of the heavens are unlimited, and the breath of Modona has vaguely reached the invincible state. .
Modo’s expressionless face looked at the ancient city, Su Yu, and Xinghong.
Calmly said: “Xinghong ancient sage, the struggle of ten thousand races, chaos in many divine writings, the ancient sage suppresses the dead, has a great power, and Su Yu and others, chaos the ten thousand realms, be punishable!” The
demon emperor descended. Up!
At this time, he still came forward, although not the deity descended.
In the ancient city, Xing Hong was also very calm, and slowly said: “It has nothing to do with me, the holy city, there are only rules!”
Modo frowned slightly, “The rules? The ancient rules? In the ancient rules, the city owner can seal the city at will? The ancient sage can go out of the city at will?”
Xinghong ignored.
The Demon Sovereign said indifferently: “Ten thousand races, there are many eternity! The holy city is also set up only for the undead, the ancient sage Xinghong, have to involve the holy city for these people who chaos the ten thousand realms?”
Xinghong No words.
The 西安桑拿夜网 Demon Sovereign said again: “If this is the case, then the Hundreds of Eternity today, I also want to ask you all the ancient sages.”
Xinghong still said nothing.
And at this time, in other ancient cities, Tianmie suddenly said coldly: “Devil half-emperor, you want to provoke the holy city? Provocatively guard?”
“Provocation?” The
Demon Emperor smiled lightly: “The ancient sage is serious! family no such intention, however, the macro Gusheng star, has transgressing! worth men