e, at least there have been no accidents during the previous lottery.

Looking at the turntable on the phone, Chen Ge took a deep breath: “I don’t believe that ten ghosts will come out of Shilian.” After
gritting his teeth, Chen Ge chose to turn it ten times.
Looking at the fast-turning turntable, Chen Ge’s heart was also mentioned in his throat.
The black turntable was gradually stained red with blood, which had never happened before.
With Chen Ge as the center, the temperature in the room suddenly began to drop, and bleeding red patterns slowly began to appear 西安耍耍论坛 on the shell of the black phone, but those patterns were fleeting.
There were faint grimaces flashing on the screen, and all the signs gave Chen Ge a very bad premonition.
The turning pointer slowly stopped, the black phone kept vibrating, and ten messages were received in a row!
“Lucky red-clothed favored person! Congratulations on getting the special kind of ghost ghosts!”
“The rare ghost ghosts are rare, with a probability of 1%: The lone soul wandering on Metro Line 4 has passed through time and passed yesterday. , Hovering in the minutes and seconds, it is a ghost that has been forgotten by time.”
“Lucky red-clothed patron! Congratulations on your acquisition of the ghost in the toilet.”
“The probability of a toilet ghost is 5%: it seems to be useless, he has no advantages and features, and always likes to stay alone in the bathroom quietly. He looks like an old man who has lost his interest in marriage and life.”
“Lucky red-clothed patron! Congratulations on getting the special item butterfly hairpin!”
“Butterfly hairpin. Special Li Guiqiudie’s sustenance, the probability 西安桑拿夜网 of drawing is 3%: the first gift you gave me, I have always carried it on top of my head. I hope you can see me in the crowd one day and see you give it to me. “Butterfly hairpin.”
“Lucky red-clothed favor! Congratulations on getting a special type of red blood volume!”
“The special type of blood volume is red, and the probability of draw