ny case, it is very lucky to be able to recover a life.

Ren Xiaosu looked around, silently remembering those who didn’t seem to be embarrassed at all. There were more than 60 people in the 西安耍耍论坛 entire team, and seven of them seemed to have nothing to do. These seven people were very likely to be extraordinary, among them There is that Wang Yun who secretly drew the mark.
Of course, it is possible that the other party did not encounter the attack of the tarantula.
“Why can’t they move,” Cheng Yu’s assistant asked.
Ren Xiaosu stood up and said, “Maybe it’s because I don’t have a talent for acting yet, you guys step back a little, and I will show you a split.”
Everyone was shocked. You are really a talent for performance!
Cheng Yu chose to ignore Ren Xiaosu and said to everyone: “Everyone takes turns carrying the wounded who are still unable to move. Shenchi Mountain cannot stay for a long time. It is better to leave as soon as possible.”
Luo Lan stopped him as a result: “Wait, wait. I suggest camping in the same 西安夜桑拿网 place and building fortifications on the spot.”
“Why?” Cheng Yu asked with a frown.
“First of all, you will never go out of Shenchi Mountain for a day or two,” Luo Lan looked at Da Huyou: “This matter has to be listened to by the guide, first ask the guide how long we have to leave here.”
“Even at full speed. It will take more than two days,” Da Huyou said.
“So, instead of letting everyone take turns carrying more than a dozen wounded, and finally dragging down other people’s physical strength, it is better to stay here and wait for them to recover, because you don’t know what else is waiting for you. , You must use the best state to face the danger.”
Other Luo Lan may not understand, but he is good at how to guide the team to make choices in a crisis.
Cheng Yu thought for a while and asked, “What if those spiders come over again?”
“The white mask can rescue people from the nest, indicating that the spider nest is probably over,” Luo Lan analyzed: “So the spider Don’t