be the source of the blood mist. All the abilities of the man in the center of the storm were related to the blood mist. Of course, this might also be that he was deliberately concealing his identity and deliberately only used these abilities.

The bloody tide on the ground was raging, the torrential rain of memory in the sky was pouring, and a storm swept the ghost school. Everyone was implicated in it, and there was nowhere to hide.
As the mirror surface in the sky continued to shatter, the ghost school itself was also affected. The blood on the walls faded, the windows were broken, and the door was roughly knocked open. Countless ghost school students recovered their lost memories. Was swallowed by the storm in bitterness and dazedness.
Memories are awakened. In order to protect themselves, more and more students choose to join Chen Ge’s team, including several half-length red shirts.
In the bloody fog storm, the ghost school is crumbling, except for the top red clothes, no one can guarantee that they will not be harmed.
It is very dangerous 西安耍耍网to be alone in the ghost school. Only by gathering together and resisting together can the probability of survival be increased.
In addition to Chen Ge and the others, there are several places in the ghost school where a large number of students have gathered.
One is in the laboratory building. It is the tallest building in the ghost school. It is occupied by senior students. They are dressed in dark school uniforms. They can be said to be the aborigines of this school. Some of them even entered the door when they survived. The ghost.
They are not ranked first in terms of strength, but they are the strongest in terms of their familiarity with ghost schools and their ability to avoid risks.
There is also a place where a large number of students gather in the ghost school center, which was originally the place with the most students. At this time, under the organization of the teachers, they can also protect themselves.
西安夜桑拿论坛 The third place is in t